Nathan’s JJM Story

January 21, 2022


As a middle school student, I was involved with the wrong group of ”friends.” We were trouble-makers, getting kicked out of stores for fun and eventually I became involved with drugs. Ultimately, I made mistakes that landed me in the juvenile jail at the age of 15. That’s where I met Jerry from YFC, and I gave my life to Christ while in jail. It didn’t stick much, and although I stayed out of jail, I meandered through high school with an “I don’t care attitude.” All the while, I found myself living in fear and listening to the lies of the enemy. I was angry, bitter, and felt like I had really messed up with God. 2 years later, I knew I had to do something and I remembered I still had Jerry’s phone number. We met, Jerry listened, reassured me, and explained the freedom that I could have by living my life for Christ. Later, all alone in my room, I told God I was really ready to change this time and invited Him to take over. I will never forget that day, I felt peace and burdens had felt lifted. It was a life-changing moment. I have continued to meet with Jerry who I now call a close friend, and my faith continues to grow. I now want to give back and help others, and have started to volunteer with YFC. I have a business that is growing, with dreams of giving back to missions and those in need. I’m excited about what God has next for me!