Our Programs

Badgerland Youth for Christ strives to both demonstrate and communicate the message of hope, grace and love in a variety of different settings, and always pursuing teens in personal relationships.  Our chapter includes the following:

Campus Life
     Fond du Lac - "303"
     Waupun - The Union Youth Center
     Beaver Dam - The Loft
Campus Life M
Fond du Lac:
    Sabish Middle School
    Theisen Middle School
    Woodworth Middle School     

Beaver Dam:
    The Loft
Juvenile Justice Ministry - Fresh Start
     West Bend Jail
     Fond du Lac Jail
Parent Life Ministry
     Fond du Lac
YFC Core
     Beaver Dam

We also have invested our staff in the following:
Hermeneutical Club - Laconia High School (Rosendale/Brandon)
Breakfast Club - Fondy High & North Fondy
High School Hangouts
     Waupun - The Union Youth Center
Middle School Dances
     Waupun - The Union Youth Center