Travis’ Story


After Travis’s parents separated, he began bouncing around among his parents’ and grandparent’s homes. Life became frustrating and as a result of some poor choices, he found himself in shelter care.  He eventually ran from the shelter, and then found himself in Juvenile Detention.

It was there that he met Jerry, the YFC/JJM Ministry Director.  As they talked, they found that they both had a passion for hunting and fishing. It was through this common interest that Jerry and Travis began to build a relationship, and Jerry began to mentor Travis.

Travis soon became involved in the JJM program, made a commitment to Christ, and got connected to a local youth group. There he made friends with other students who are encouraging him and helping him see options for new and positive choices.

Travis’s life is different today. He has not returned to Juvenile Detention and he’s enjoying a stable home life with his grandparents. He has made great strides in school and is active on the high school swim team.  While high school still has challenges, Travis now has a twinkle in his eye and is excited about his future.