See the Story

SEE the STORY is our opportunity to share with you about Badgerland YFC.  It is a way of seeing how the relationships we have with other people and God can be connected and grown.  We pray that the Lord will help us move into a way of living that seamlessly connects our relationships with others to a God who desires to be known and followed in every area of our lives.  You will hear about each of our CORE Ministries and a few stories of students.
All it takes is an hour of your time.  We will provide lunch and share how Badgerland YFC is impacting the lives of kids in our community.


Wednesday October 30 - Noon - 303 E 9th Street
Tuesday December 3 - Noon - 303 E 9th Street
Wednesday January 29 - Noon - 303 E 9th Street

To make reservations or for more information, contact Ron at
920-251-5217 or [email protected]