Table Captain

What is a Table Captain?!

A Table Captain will fill a table of 8 or 10 people by inviting their family, friends and colleagues to attend either the Comedy Café or the Beaver Dam Banquet.  This is your chance to help others understand a ministry that you are supportive of and excited about. 

Here is a challenge...if you have invited the same 10 people every year and they have faithfully attended, ask one or two of them to be table hosts as well.  Let us know who your Table Captain friends are and we will make sure to seat you close to each other!

Click on the event you plan to attend, letting us know who you will be bringing to the event or call 866-424-2589.  If you know you will be filling a table but are unsure of your guests, fill out a form and we will connect with you for names a week before the event.

              Comedy Cafe